The Street2Ivy’s Online Academy is a virtual training resource. We have partnered with professionals from leading organizations to provide our entrepreneurs and students with the tools they need to bring their businesses and creativity to the next level. 

We have invited professionals from all industries to create online modules that cover key topics in the area of consulting, entrepreneurship, and innovative thinking.  Our Online Academy is updated monthly to ensure that we are providing the most relevant and effective content. Find out about Street2Ivy's partnership with Consulting Unplugged below!

Student - Teacher, Master Consultant - Entrepreneur

Tavares Brewington and Andrew Pek met at Cornell University during the Summer of 2016. By day, the one was a student busy mastering business and winning innovation awards while the other a professor, was busy inspiring students, advising top fortune 100 CEOs and writing best selling books on design thinking and innovation.

By night they instantly connected, shared and aligned around a vision for unlocking innovation promise for the hungry, young entrepreneurs who were eager to take their world by storm. Our vision is to empower young people and change makers to bring their unique “street experiences” and sensibility and combined that with contemporary, real world programs, tools and stories that will enable them to create their “personal ivy” like dream in business and in life.

A powerful, tell it like it is, online course teaching you strategies and tricks of the trade on how to become the most effective consultant from Andrew Pek, Master Consultant. Learn the superpowers of the unplugged consultant. All the tips, tools, and techniques that you will need to become the ultimate trusted advisor.

For those who are not currently one of Street2Ivy's vendors or Youth Program participants, but still want to access the courses on the Street2Ivy Online Academy, you can do so for a monthly subscription or a discounted one-time annual fee. To learn more, follow the link below.

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